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A most exclusive city tour with an original vintage car from 1981. In a Trabant Kübel from the GDR, you really experience Heidelberg. A personal and individual journey of discovery.  The most beautiful places where Heidelberger have lost their hearts. You drive along both sides of the Neckar! Now you have the best view of all the sights of the city, including an excursion to the Neckartal.

With headphones, you can get information about the 800-year history, to good gastronomy and other activities.  Your tour is 1.5 hours long, only in dry weather.  The explanation is in German or English and a maximum of 3 persons (not under 14 years) can participate. At least 1 person over 18 years.


Your personal chauffeur is Axel Ramm.  The time of departure is according to booking request. Your tour begins at Bismarckplatz, corner Atosklinik.
A pick-up at the place of stay in Heidelberg is possible. The tour ends at the old Bridge or Bismarckplatz.  For "cool" photos, your chauffeur appears in "ORIGINAL GDR UNIFORM"! A champagne & snack is the right highlight during the tour.

Further special trips on request such as eg. Wedding trips to get married at the registry office, to your vanue, or night trips after dusk and on individual occasions are possible.


Simply inquire! & Have fun!