Trabi - Vehicle facts


Trabant Kübel


Typ P601A

Built for the first time: 1966/600 cm²


Engine: 2 Takt OTTO Motor - Luftkühlung

Power: 19,1 kW (26 PS) bei 4200 min−1

Weight: 650kg

Size: L 3,5m / B 1,5m / H 1,55m


Four-speed gearbox with gearshift.

In fourth gear without gas, the engine runs idle despite the gear engaged.


Average consumption 6,9 l

Mixed 1:30 later 1:50 (for 50l Petrol = 1l Oil mixed)

Top speed: 107 km/h


Price for a Trabant in 1985 was the cheapest model, 601 Standard Limousine 8.500 GDR Mark (average) with various „Extras“ more than 10.000 GDR Mark.


Trabant is a two-axle vehicle with self-supporting body and independent suspension.


Waiting for a new Trabant about 10 Years.


Average income of a GDR citizen about 850 GDR Mark.